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Top 10 Best Tactical Backpacks For Men – Military Bags

Briefcases aren’t for everyone, and some men lead lives that take them both in and out of the cosmopolitan landscape. Read on and find best tactical backpacks for men.

Like many necessities from the standard military issue, backpacks are becoming the modern man’s must-have.

Whether you’re trekking through harsh terrain or tackling the daily commute, a tactical backpack is worth its weight in gold. Sturdy and sporting an updated, streamlined sensibility, nouveau military style backpacks are designed to hold all of your personal items and protect them from the elements, as well as unwanted outside tampering. Multiple pockets, both accessible and concealed, industrial snaps and zippers, and durable fabrics render the combatant backpack able to withstand the best and worst the world has to offer.

Life isn’t a simple, pared down affair; the modern man can seldom reduce his accoutrements down to pocket-friendly portables. A combat quality backpack not only allows for optimal mobility, but a fuss-free style that compliments any occasion. Widened straps and adjustable support add extra comfort, while timeless silhouettes enhance, rather than detract from, the perfect blend of practical and bespoke.

Bound for the mountains or headed home from a grueling day at work, the military backpack is made for no less than the warrior gentleman. Wherever your work and travels take you, the last thing on your mind should be the placement of your belongings. With that said, go ahead and check out the top 20 best tactical backpacks for men below.

Best Tactical Backpacks For Men

1. 50L Tactical Assault Backpack SLB22

If you are looking for a bag with the maximum amount of storage space, look no further. This bag has three mesh admin compartments, a zippered side water bottle pocket and up to 50 liters of space. It is also made of a durable Nylon material, so it can stand up to the elements and has a separate hydration bladder compartment that can be great for a small laptop if water isn’t a concern.

2. 40L Tactical Army Backpacks D255

Constructed of water-resistant Oxford, this is a sturdy bag that can easily hold several days’ worth of clothes and supplies without issue. It also has a 40-liter capacity, as well as metal support rods that can be removed for trips to the airport and such, meaning that it can double as a great travel bag as well.

3. 50L+ Camping Tactical Backpacks D755

A sling-style pack, as the name implies, this bag was made for fast maneuvering and comfort. The sling-strap is also ambidextrous, and can be realigned as the wearer prefers, and allows for easy rotation to swing the pack around to the chest if need be, giving rapid access to the large main pocket.

4. 80L Outdoor Backpack D128

5. 70L Tactical Camping Backpacks BB03

6. 20L Tactical Assault Backpack D353

7. 50L Tactical Backpack D600 – Black Python

8. 50L Travel Backpack BM2070

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