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Best Japanese Hoodies | Streetwear Clothing

Indulge your hoodie street style in KogLuxury’s amazing collection. No streetwear look is complete without a hoodie, and nobody does it better than – Japanese Hoodies Styles!

The top destination to buy streetwear hoodies online, has a carefully selected range that is packed with distinctive, unique designs and top-quality materials. Only designs from the top brands in Japan and around the world make it to our collection, so you can choose only from the best.

Here at, we look for the best. It’s our passion. We love finding the latest styles and bringing them to our store so you can enjoy them. With a selection of classic urban designs and the very latest from the hottest designers, you can get all your hoodie street style right here.

Whatever the season, hoodie street style never loses its impact. Japanese street style has been making waves around the world, and you have a choice: you can ride that wave or be swept away. Take your choice from our extensive and comprehensive range and ride the waves of crisp urban style.

Get the latest in hoodie street style, wear it, be proud of it, and love the street style look.

TOP 5 Japanese Hoodies

1.“Big Bang” Hoodie KSM70

Streetwear Clothing

This streetwear-style hoodie is a regular-style hoodie with full-length regular sleeves, standard thickness and an O-neck collar. It is made from 95% cotton and 5% polyester meaning that it is a great sweater for keeping away the chill on a cool day from autumn right through to spring. It comes in sizes Small, Medium, Large and Extra-Large and is available in black or gray. The medium has a chest width of 129 cm while the extra-large has a chest width of 137 cm.

Suitable for men and women.

2. “Graffiti” Streetwear Hoodies GED626

 Graffiti Streetwear Hoodies

The Graffiti Hoodies GED626 is one of KOGLUXURY’s Japanese Collection favorites and will fit into any outfit. We recommend choosing an oversize fit.

Suitable for men.

3. Japanese Hoodies CAT BOM818

Japanese CAT BOM818

The “Japanese CAT BOM818” Hoodie is suitable for both men and women as it is available in sizes Medium to XXXL. It has a full-length sleeve and a standard thickness and is composed of cotton and polyester, making it ideal for winter through to spring. Suited to those who love the hip-hop and streetwear styles, this hoodie has a front pocket and embroidered sleeve pocket. It is casual in style with an O-neck collar and panda print design. The Medium has a chest width of 116 cm while the XXXL has a chest width of 128 cm.

Suitable for men and women.

4. Japanese Hoodie Lemon Tea BOM888

japanese Hoodies Lemon Tea BOM888

Hoodies never get old. Let it be worn casually over jeans or over sweatpants, hoodies make you stand-out from the crowd. The Hoodie is not just a jumper, it is boss of the street wear and an essential of street style. Our signature hoodie that comes in multiple colors celebrates the versatility of the East and West. The hoodie keeps you warm and cozy and provides protection against chills. The boss of street-style is created just for you in the true spirit of Street-wear trend.

Suitable for men and women

5. M1 Japanese “CRANE” – Streetwear Hoodies

M1 Hoodies “CRANE”

Available in sizes medium to 3XL, this stunning hoodie is a warm addition to your closet. Designed as a unisex hoodie, it looks great on men and women. Made from a high-quality polyester and cotton blend, this casual relaxed fit hoodie is suitable for everyday wear. The gorgeous red and white embroidery, featuring a crane, stands out beautifully against the black background of the hoodie. Show your streetwear style when you add this hoodie to your ensemble. Pair it with some joggers or cargo pants for an all-round classic street fashion look. Keep warm and look amazing this Winter!

M1 Japanese “CRANE” Hoodies is Suitable for men and women

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