TOP 10 Belts for Men in this Year 2020

Here’s a public service announcement for all gentlemen: Your belt could be so much better that it is right now. This is the sole accessory that no distinguished man should skimp on. Read on to find out the best belts for men.

The way to a better life starts with a better belt.

This truth applies to guys all over the world. Sadly, a lot of men give this final part of their outfit very little thought. As a result, stellar ensembles are often pieced together by an inadequate centerpiece. To rectify this common error, it is wise for men to start a major belt collection.

There is no need to repeat your band more than a few times per month. Wearing the same belt over and over again can make you seem broke when the leather’s hanging on it’s lasts legs. Seriously, your belt matters more than almost any other part of your presentation.

You want it to make a statement without being the entire foundation. It needs to stand out without standing alone. The buckle needs to be relatively big, but gigantic varieties should be eschewed unless you’re going for novelty. Preferably, the primary material should be leather, but some substitutes are entering vogue right now. And, above all else, they need to comfortably hold your pants up.

That one should just be a given requirement though, right? To master your ensemble and look like a boss, just take one of these top 15 best belts for men off the shelf.

Best Belts for Men

1. DWTS – Automatic Buckle Belts

2. NO.ONEPAUL – Men’s Casual Belts

3. NO.ONEPAUL – Men’s Classic Belts

4. Automatic Buckle Belts NE310

5. Automatic Buckle Belts NE305

6. Allen Edmonds Bryant Ave

Belts for Men

A bit out of the ordinary but in a great way. The Bryant Ave belt by Allen Edmonds looks as good as it’s constructed. Each features laser cuts with a solid center bar section and a semi-polished metal buckle. For color you can choose from chili or black, both of which play nicely with everything from more suit and tie to casual occasions.

7. Ted Baker Elastic

For any fashion-forward man, it’s hard to miss the strikingly attractive contrast on the Ted Baker men’s elastic belt. Paired with a 100% Bovine leather trim, it mixes laid-back style with a more professional demeanor.

8. Bill Adler Wide Perforated

For the fashionable man who prefers a trendier wardrobe, this perforated Italian leather belt fares exceptionally well. Aside from being offer into two classic colors brown and black, it also arrives with an antiqued nickel buckle. To secure a neat and well-presented appearance, two solid leather keepers await.

9. Tumi Stiched Pebbled

Tumi’s latest male fashion accessory arrives with high-class style and beautiful pebble grain leather. Available in black or tan, each features heavy-duty stitching that looks as professional as it is well-crafted. Of course, there’s also a fine polished gunmetal buckle to pull the entire look together in a subtle, yet, sleek manner.

While it might be a dressier belt, ideal for suit and tie affairs, the strap size is quite generous than most slim belts at 1.2 inches in width.

10. Orion Chestnut Oil Tanned Latigo Leather

When it comes to the Orion Leather company, one thing comes to mind: The real deal. If you’re tired of belts wearing out on you then it’s time to experience the joy of fine leather craftsmanship. With this chestnut oil tanned latigo leather belt you can be assured you’re buying handmade USA quality.

Each arrives with beautiful full-grained latigo leather that’s oil tanned for a soft, supple feel and remarkable good looks. At first you’ll notice the belt does feel a bit oily, however, there’s a few perks for doing it that way. It allows the oil to coat back over bends while giving the shifted color some character as the leather wears.

To finish things off, Orion Leather added a square buckle with a black nickel finish, plus two button snaps. If you want to change the buckle out for something else, well, you can with ease.

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